First off, I want to say that I do not measure anything. I am self-taught when it comes to cooking. Well, actually that’s a lie. I have spent a significant amount of my high-school years watching “30 Minute Meals” with Rachel Ray and other programs on FoodNetwork. That, and a combination of growing up watching my mother cook for me, my two sisters and father, I have learned a lot. My mother was a traditional cook. She always stuck to her “grandmother’s” recipes, which I so reluctantly learned but secretly enjoyed. I come from an Italian-American background so everything was BIG. Big servings, big bread, big bowls of salad and pastas. The list goes on. So naturally, I took a liking to food. However, because my mother was such a simple cook, who turned her nose up to the thought of using table salt, I was left with the taste of curiosity in my mouth.

I’ve always had a knack for cooking, probably because I am obsessed with food. In fact, sometimes its all I can think about. Many of you probably relate. My thoughts would be consumed with “What am I eating for dinner?”, “What can I cook tonight?”, “When are we going grocery shopping?” My boyfriend tells me I only smile at restaurants. My closest friends tell me they love to watch me eat because it makes me happy. My family tells me I’m not satisfied unless I have a 5-course meal in front of me. Touch`e my friends, touch`e.10635967_844274498954716_2281335236154539644_n

Over the years I have become the friend who my other friends turn to for food ideas, recipes and hosting parties. A good friend of mine calls me whenever he needs help, even for the simplest pot of chicken noodle soup. I am proud to be that girl. I live for it.

Anyway, my life will unfold for you as I continue to blog daily. However, I do want to note that I am recently unemployed. So prior to now, I was unable to have time to blog. Now, time is all I have (win). I will be cooking and dining out from here on in (another win). I will be posting photos, recipes, reviews and more. So, if you love food as much as I do, and find it just as important to be able to cook and feed yourself, family and friends, then follow this blog. You won’t be disappointed.