As you know, I am all about customizing the foods I love to make them even better (in my opinion at least.) Recently I have discovered cheese spreads.. And let me tell you, they are not just for crackers.

The idea came to me while I was making an eggplant parmesan hero one night. I wanted to make the roll garlic bread, but my stick of butter was not soft enough. As I looked through my fridge, I realized I had a garlic and herb cheese spread. Aha!

So today I decided to do a chicken parmesan hero for lunch. Last night I made a huge tray of chicken parmesan for my nephews and house guest, so this works well with left overs. (They always taste better the next day, doncha think?)

So this is how I built this loving sandwich: I spread the garlic and herb cheese on a long roll (BOTH sides) and put it in the oven (350) until it was a little melted and toasty. I cut up the left over chicken parmesan into small bite sized pieces and microwaved them a bit to get the chill out. Once the roll was ready to build, I layered the chicken pieces and extra shredded mozz cheese. I put that back into the oven to get nice and hot!


While it was baking, in a small bowl I made a simple salad with spring mix, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Once I took the sandwich out of the oven, I put the salad onto the sandwich, closed it up and voila! 20160412_115835



It’s so perfect and I’ll tell you why: it’s creamy from the cheese spread, crunchy from the toasted roll and fresh from the balsamic salad. It’s heaven, really.