Hey friends,

Today (here in rainy NJ) its a crock-pot type of day. I took some frozen chicken legs out of my freezer two days ago and I was considering making a pot of chicken noodle soup, however I do not have celery 😦 And although I technically could make soup without it, I prefer not to. Whether you like celery or not its a soup stable and even though its all in my head, it just wouldn’t taste the same without it.

So anyway, I switched gears and decided to get creative with that I have handy. I put the chicken in the crock pot with chopped garlic, lemon herb liquid marinade and lime juice. Of course I sprinkled salt, pepper, garlic powder, ginger and some other random spices I had in my cabinets. Set it on low, and will let it do its thing until dinner time. 20160412_094340

With it I am going to make brown rice with chopped carrots, spinach and garlic. This is my favorite because I learned that when you boil rice you can do so with chicken broth instead of water–and omg. The difference is astounding. Switching from water to chicken broth makes a world of difference and if you have not tried it, please do so now!

I have become slightly obsessed with chicken broth since I started making homemade soups last winter. “I put that shit on everything”, and I’m not talking about Franks.

I’ll be honest, I sat down this morning with my coffee and laptop and tried to begin working on a novel. Now, I have a background in writing and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, and until now I have not written a thing for a couple years. I dabbled in the idea of children’s books but I only managed to bang out one until I gave up.

At my kitchen table, I was met with some writers block, so I decided to come write about the dinner I am preparing for tonight instead. Also, I dug up a few writers books from my basement that my sister so generously bought me for Christmas a few years ago. Maybe they will help with my creative writing.

Later I will post what I intended to write about today– a chicken parmesan hero with a balsamic spring mix. So tasty, so good.

Now that I have warmed up my fingers here at brunchburgersbitscom, I am going to head back to Google drive to see if I can come up with something worthwhile.