Wow! What a late start I am having to my day. First off, I woke up late (9:30 EST) which is late for me. I am used to being up by 6:15 normally… I guess I am getting used to this unemployment thing.

I was pretty busy this morning because I decided to sell some of my unused or preowned items on Ebay, mostly older purses, shoes, sunglasses etc… I have been up in a frenzy taking pictures and posting them. I hope they sell!

Finally, my hunger came roaring in. What to eat? Don’t you love that feeling when your fridge is chock-full of items and you have your choice? Do I want breakfast or lunch? Well, after about 3 cups of coffee and some Ebay business, I decided to stick to some eggs.

One of my all-time favorite omelets is from IHop. Now, I am not a fan of the establishment, however I learned a few things from there. Did you know they add some pancake batter to their omelet mix? Its amazing how fluffy YOUR eggs can be with that tip. I usually add a table spoon of “complete” pancake mix to mine. The texture is awesome.

Today I used egg whites that I saved from making french toast last week– you will learn that I do not throw away ANYTHING. So with that being said, I am making my version of IHop’s “Country Omelet”, which is egg, ham, onion, potato and sour cream.

I sautéed the onion, some diced ham (from the deli section), and a few diced up frozen potato wedges. Once all that was browned enough, I added my egg white mixture. Once slightly solid, I spread some sour cream and shredded cheddar on top before i flipped it over.

I have to let my eggs settle before I serve them. I hate runny eggs, and besides, giving it a few minutes to rest ensures that your cheese will be nice and melty. Yummmmm.